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Quaternary Discussion Group (QDG)

Quaternary Discussion Group (QDG)

A series of 50 minute lectures, followed by discussion, on the broad topic of environmental evolution, climate, ecological and human change during the Quaternary (the last ~2.6 million years). The lectures are aimed at a broad audience (including geoscientists, glaciologists, environmental scientists, atmospheric chemists, biologists, anthropologists and archaeologists).

Seminars are usually on Wednesdays in the Department of Geography Small Lecture Theatre (Downing Site), starting at 17:30. Refreshments are served after the talks and there is time for discussion over drinks and/or dinner.

QDG is currently organised by Aidan Starr and Svetlana Radionovskaya, supported by David Hodell, Christine Lane, Francesco Muschitiello and Eric Wolff. Please feel free to contact us with queries and suggestions.

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There are no forthcoming seminars at present. Please check back here later.

You may wish to view the archive of previous seminars.