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CUPOD - Cambridge University Palynological Online Database

Welcome to the beta version of the QPG Palynological Database.

QPG PD is an electronic resource designed to aide students of palynology (the study of pollen and spores) at both undergraduate and graduate level. This resource is focused primarily on the study of fossil pollen and spores as a means of reconstructing past environments. For more information on the work done by our research group please visit the QPG website.

It is intended that this new database will:

  • Host a digital version of the Godwin pollen collection, featuring both pictures and videos.
  • Provide a place where electronic palynological resources can be collected and organised.
  • Provide a means of sharing our combined palynological and botanical knowledge, so current and future workers may more easily conduct their palynological investigations.
  • Provide a tool which will aid in the identification of pollen grains, although making direct use of reference material is strongly recommended.

Comments/suggestions via the feedback form are most welcome.