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Former members of the group

Former members of the group

The following are former members of the group:

Left Was Now
Alex Chepstow Lusty 2000 Post-Doctoral Researcher Researcher at the University of Montpellier
William Gosling 2000 Technician Post-doctoral researcher at the Open University
Liz Hawkins 2000 Senior Research Technician Laboratory Manager at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge
Katy Roucoux 2000 PhD student Post-doc at University of Leeds
Chronis Tzedakis 2001 Post-Doctoral Researcher Professor at the University of Leeds
Carol Law 2002 Ph.D. student
Ian Lawson 2002 Post-Doctoral Researcher Lecturer at the University of Leeds
Chris Glaister 2002 Post-Doctoral Research Assistant Consultant in commercial environmental consultancy firm
Becky Briant 2003 Post-Doctoral Researcher Lecturer at Queen Mary College, University of London
Philip Hughes 2004 Ph.D student Lecturer, University of Manchester
Kim Cohen 2004 Post-Doctoral Researcher Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Utrecht
Martin J. Head 2005 Affiliated Lecturer Professor, Brock University, St.Catherine's, Ontario, Canada
Vasiliki Margari 2005 Ph.D student Post-doctoral Research Assistant at University of Leeds/Cambridge
William Fletcher 2005 Ph.D student CNRS post-doctoral researcher at Université Bordeaux 1, France
Stijn De Schepper 2006 Ph.D student Post-doctoral researcher at University of Bremen, Germany
Lisa Frost Ramsay 2007 Ph.D student Ph.D student in Human Geography
Sarah Farquhar 2008 Ph.D student Accountancy
Maria Papinikolaou 2009 Ph.D student

Post-Doctoral researcher, University of Athens

Oliver Bazely 2010 Ph.D student Post-Doctoral researcher, University of Rio de Janiero