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Quaternary Discussion Group (QDG)

A series of 50 minute lectures, followed by discussion, on the broad topic of environmental evolution, climate, ecological and human change during the Quaternary (the last ~2.6 million years). The lectures are aimed at a broad audience (including geoscientists, glaciologists, environmental scientists, atmospheric chemists, biologists, anthropologists and archaeologists).

Seminars are usually held on Thursdays starting at 17:30 in Clare College in the Latimer Room (on the left in the first court). Wine is served after the talks and there is time for discussion over drinks and/or dinner.

QDG is currently organised by Rachael Rhodes (; Department of Earth Sciences), and Della Murton (; Department of Zoology). Please feel free to contact the organisers with queries and suggestions.

A map showing of Clare College is available at

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View the archive of previous seminars.

# Thursday 8th March 2018, 5.30pm - Barbara Maher, Lancaster University
Recent developments and debates in East Asian monsoon palaeoclimatology
Venue: Latimer Room (Old Court), Clare College, Trinity Lane

Quaternary Discussion Group seminar

# Thursday 26th April 2018, 5.30pm - Denis-Didier Rousseau - Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique & CERES-ERTI
Venue: Bawden Room, West Court, Jesus College

Abstract not available

# Thursday 17th May 2018, 5.30pm - Joy Singarayer - University of Reading
Venue: Bawden Room, West Court, Jesus College

Abstract not available